Open The Gate! My Wife Is Dying! - Watch Now

MHC brings to your attention the harrowing death of Perfect Daba, a young and promising 23 year old woman from the village of Torgome in the Volta Region of Ghana. Perfect bled to death in the course of seven extraordinary hours during which she failed to reach the hospital. At the crucial moment, the gate leading out of the village, the only way out was locked. The gate belonged to the Volta River Authority. Sammy, Perfect’s husband recollects the dramatic moments


Torgome is a town based in the North Tongu district of the Volta Region. It has a population of about 4477 people.

Health Status

The clinic in Torgome is in state such that it is almost completely incapable of treating anyone effectively, let alone a woman in the midst of giving birth. Funded by the nearby Kpone Power Project, the clinic has no midwife, no fridge to store blood or other perishable necessities, no ambulance, a shortage of primary drugs and inadequate trained personnel. When we went to visit the clinic, the community health nurse stationed there was in Accra to take exams, leaving the clinic completely abandoned.