Kayayei: Young Mothers Surviving The Open Skies And Dark Streets - Watch Now

Its past midnight and the busy streets of Accra are quiet and deserted. A group of young women and girls are huddled together under the open skies, sleeping. As dawn approaches, the weather turns chilly but all they have are thin sheets of cloth to keep warm. These are Accra’s market porters or Kayayei some as young as eight who have made the streets their home since arriving from Northern Ghana in search of greener pastures. In this three part mini - series, we follow three young women; Lariba, who has two children, the second she says she delivered herself in a street corner, Aisha who is pregnant and still works more than ten hours a day and Abibabu, pregnant with her second child. None of them has ever visited a hospital. Most Kayayei have never seen a doctor. Are Kayayei fulfilling their dreams or trapped in demeaning life styles that must concern all of us. What about their maternal health and their children? MHC goes in search of some answers in Accra’s inner city.