Revisiting the Key Issues Facing Maternal Health in Ghana - Watch Now

MHC TV meets Dr. Ebenezer Appiah-Denkyira, Director - General of Ghana Health Service (GHS) to discuss some of the key issues raised in the series. The focus is our hospitals. What is to be done to reduce the high incidence of maternal deaths and to ensure that they provide the best possible health care for women? We revisit Charity’s Story, a report from Keta Hospital to discuss blood shortages, lack of skilled personnel and over concentration of Ghanaian doctors and nurses in urban centres and overseas, especially in the US and Europe. Are we training enough midwives? What about traditional birth attendants? Are do we integrate them effectively into the national health system? What is the strategy to meet the health needs of vulnerable groups such as Kayayei? Dr. Appiah Denkyira engages the challenges diligently and proposes a league table for good practice in the public health service.