Revisiting the Key Issues Facing Maternal Health in Ghana - Part 3 - Watch Now

It's been truly eventful since MHC launched in February 2013, with the series achieving what can be described as a 'megaphone effect' throughout the media, and creating a positive impetus for change throughout the country. In the words of Justice Jones Victor Mawulorm Dotse, the Supreme Court judge who endorsed MHC during the recent election petition, 'These are issues we must address!' We are pleased MHC has struck a chord and is resonating positively throughout the country. We are committed to continuing this critical task in the service of all our mothers and our dear country. This week, we conclude the first season of our television series with the final part of our interview with Dr. Appiah - Denkyira, Director General of the Ghana Health Service. Don't miss the head of Ghana Health Service responding to the key issues highlighted by the series. There will be special TV programmes as we prepare for another riveting series of the Maternal Health Channel. MHC LIVE continues the positive impetus generated by the series with a tour of 20 communities throughout Ghana.