Help Comes To Homeless Street Porters (Kayayei) - Watch Now

MHC showcases some of the positive developments that have taken place since the plight of homeless street porters, popularly known as Kayayei was screened on TV in September 2013. This week alone over 3,000 Kayayei have been registered for national health insurance in Accra. It is estimated that by the end of the year, over 20,000 would have been provided with essential health cover in Accra. In response to the TV and radio programmes, Ghana Health Service initiated a city–wide Health and Welfare Committee for the Kayayei currently made up of Ghana Health Service, National Health Insurance Scheme, Accra Health Metros, USAID, The Maternal Health Channel, Marie Stopes International, Blissful Bottoms, Ghana Police and Kayayei representatives. The committee is now leading changes in health provision for this extremely poor and vulnerable social group across Ghana’s Capital.